Are you in a Success cycle?
Is your marriage "Divorce Proof"?
When will you meet your true partner?
Do you inspire your partner to please you?
What are the 9 stages of a healthy relationship?
Are you compatible with that special someone you just met?

I've seen too many couples whose astrological charts indicated perfect compatibility yet they were miserable… and others whose charts showed their compatibility was just so-so, but they were happy. Why? Because the second group had good relationship skills, and the first did not! Intrigued, I went on a quest to find out all I could about what it takes to have the best love life possible, and I started adding that to my sessions, and things got REALLY interesting... (And my own romantic dreams came true, to boot!) I began writing a newsletter, sharing the best of what I found from both astrology and relationship research, and then created a catalog of ebooks and reports to help anyone figure out how to do this for themselves... addressing:

  • timing (astrological "seasons of love" and "seasons of loneliness")
  • compatibility (using an amazing technique used for centuries to arrange marriages)
  • relationship capacity (can he be a good partner, or not? Can you? Find out...)
  • communication skills (being compatible with a good person isn't enough you'd better know this stuff...)
  • and more...
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