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For two decades now I've been counseling clients in the area of compatibility and relationships. I have seen too many couples whose charts indicated perfect compatibility yet were miserable, and numerous others whose charts indicated mediocre or poor compatibility, yet were happy.  Why?  Because the first group did not have the skills or tools to be successful in relationships, and the second group did!

I've sought out the most cutting-edge research which I share with clients  - men and women - one on one and in workshop and time and time again it works. I can tell you:

  • The neurological, emotional, sexual, hormonal, and verbal differences between men and women
  • The nine stages of a healthy relationship
  • What to do if you’re an “Alpha Female”
  • Why men marry some women and not others
  • The four worst behaviors that precede a break-up
  • How to make your partner be inspired to please you
  • How to “divorce proof” your marriage
  • How to revive a dying or "dead" relationship


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